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Spotted: Carl Friedrik in HBO's Succession


As loyal fans of HBO’s Emmy-winning drama, Succession, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of the third series.

Succession has gained a reputation for hitting the cultural zeitgeist right on the nose, so it’s no surprise that the series opener met with a host of critical acclaim.

But aside from the clever wordplay, backstabbing and adroit social commentary, there’s another reason why we at Carl Friedrik were so excited for the première.

That’s because the show approached us last year to see if they could use our luggage collection in the new season. Naturally, the answer was yes.

What is Succession about?

Succession is a boardroom-level drama that follows the political intrigue of the Roy family, flawed owners of the world’s largest media and entertainment conglomerate, Waystar Royco.

As the title suggests, the central plotline revolves around who will succeed the family’s patriarch, Logan Roy (Brian Cox), as the next CEO of the company. Each of Logan’s three children is, to different extents, morally flawed and ill-suited for the role. Series three begins with the family in a state of civil war and a battle brewing for their empire.

Succession is often described as a dark comedy, one that satirises the darker realities of wealth and power with razor-sharp dialogue. A recent article by Vox summed it up well: “A uniquely despairing drama about a family (and a planet) circling the drain. But… also one of TV’s funniest shows”.

During the debut season, eagle-eyed critics were quick to note the parallels between the fictional Roys and a real-life clan of media tycoons, the Murdochs. Both families have ageing paterfamilias and three feud-prone siblings with C-suite experience. However, creator Jesse Armstrong has stated that the Murdoch’s are just one source of inspiration for the show.

Characters of TV show Succession

Where does Carl Friedrik luggage appear? 

We make our Succession debut towards the backend of season three’s first episode. For context, Logan has retreated to a hotel in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to calculate his next move without the fear of an extradition treaty hanging over his head.

He is joined in a hotel room by ultra-cocky son Roman (Kieran Culkin), ambitious yet spineless son-in-law Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and three of his closest advisors. After news breaks of the failure to secure the morally crusading lawyer they had been targeting — it turns out she’ll be representing his boy-cum-nemesis Kendall (Jeremy Strong) — Logan erupts and declares his intent to go ‘full f****** beast mode’.

Throughout the scene, our elegant cabin suitcase with leather detailing — The Carry-on — can be spotted lurking in the background. Bringing a touch of understated class to what is a highly heated conversation.

Episode four saw another Carl Friedrik product make its Succesion bow: Palissy Weekend. Logan and Kendall have just touched down on a runway in rural New York, headed to the island mansion of Josh Aaronson, one of Waystar Royco's biggest investors who is sceptical about the ongoing feud between father and son. Our all-leather weekender is carried off the runway by Logan's main bodyguard: a bag worth looking after, then?

We’re anticipating further sightings over the course of the series, so keep your eyes peeled.

Gif of TV show Succession

Carl Friedrik luggage

If you want to travel in style like the businesspeople of Succession, our luggage range is the way to go.

Stylish yet durable, each polycarbonate suitcase is inspired by vintage designs but built to meet the demands of modern travel. Common features include robust aluminium lock frames, leather detailing and 360° Japanese spinner wheels for unrivalled mobility.

With its compact shape and pared-back design, The Carry-on offers timeless elegance and all-around versatility. While The Carry-on Pro boasts an external pocket that gives avid travellers quick access to their device and travel documents. An integrated power bank can be added to each model, so you’ll never run out of juice while on the road.

For those who require additional space, The Check-in boasts greater capacity while retaining a sleek aesthetic.

Polycarbonate carry-on suitcase featured in TV show Succession

The style of Succession

In a world of private jets, mega yachts and spontaneous trips to The Hamptons, it might seem surprising that Succession’s costume designer, Michelle Matland, has labelled the Roy family approach to fashion as “anti-bling”.

But the clothing is exactly that: luxurious but understated. Think perfectly-fitted suits from Savile Row tailors, quilted Barbour jackets, long-sleeve cotton polos and shawl-collar sweaters. Every item of apparel is of the highest quality, yet there’s rarely a visible label.

Clothing is also a constant source of verbal ammunition for the cast. One of the best Succession lines is when Roman berates Tom for wearing a noticeably puffy Moncler gilet: “Nice vest, Wambsgans. It’s so puffy. What’s it stuffed with, your hopes and dreams?”.

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