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Monogrammed Passport holders
personalised with your initials

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Business or pleasure? A personalised passport cover makes all the difference to your travels.

Sleek. Compact. Distinguished.
Refine your passport cover

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Your travel companion
Embossed initials

Engraving initials on passport covers are a great way to distinguish your belongings when entering busy areas. There are so many details to focus on while travelling, your passport going missing doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Luxurious and spacious
Invest in finesse

With great emphasis on subtlety and skill, our personalisation service characterises your item to feel more accustomed to you. Your message adds a nice touch to an already beautiful and timeless design. A thoughtful gift idea for a jet setter.

Select your colour

We believe each detail is integral to the user’s experience. This is especially so when it comes to our monogramming service. You have three colours to select from:


A contemporary and timeless style, try this modern finish.


Our items get better with age. Give your leather that silver fox finish.


If you’re looking for a glow, gold delivers that luxe affect.


A considered position

Our personalisation programme has been set up to service our customers as best as we can. With clear instructions from you - we position your lettering, symbols or numbers on the external sleeve or fold of our monogrammed passport holders.

On a leather passport

We want the process of customising monogrammed passport covers to be effortless and simple. The details of your favoured name or initials can easily be added to you order - choose the personalisation option on your product page - no extra steps required.

What our customers say

"Good fit, nice quality and embosing was right size. All round, a classy product."

– Martin, United Kingdom

"I used the card space for a RFID card. Classy feeling passport holder considerably more up market than others Ive tried."

– Kevin, United Kingdom

"Really nice to see the quality of the leather. Also the costumer service is great! They helped me with a problem and they fixed immediately. First item from CF and I will keep going to buy things from you guys."

– Nicolas, United States

Naturally tanned leather

We choose to work with Italian vegetable-tanned leather for its comfortable richness in appearance and feel. A personalised stamp is a beautiful addition to this base.

Designed to last

Our designs are durable and strong. Whether your preference is to add unique detail or leave it as is, we offer a lifetime warranty. If you’re ever in need of our maintenance, let us know.

Knowledge is power

We collaborate with the most skilled artisans around the globe to deliver functional and timeless designs. We want you to know the process and details of every piece. Find out more on our products page.