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Introducing: Collection 3

About a year ago we realised there was something missing with men’s backpacks. Despite there being no shortage of backpacks on the market, we found all to be either too casual, too technical, or too extravagant for modern professionals.

We observed and listened to our customers, in order to align our focus with their needs. We discovered that customers struggled to find technical backpacks and business bags that were both elegant and looked professional. Their functional business bags lacked a refined aesthetic to match the smart outfit, while fashion oriented items focus mostly on form. And so, we started to imagine a range of products that would unite highly functional products with our design aesthetic.

Carl Friedrik smart add ons

Collection 3 takes our view on great design and combines it with a new functional dimension inspired by the technical materials and features from performance accessories.

We designed the collection for the urban commuter and frequent traveller. Customers who are becoming ever more reliant on their technology. To address their needs we developed a custom power bank which integrates neatly with every product in the collection. No more hunting for that lone power outlet at the airport. The products also feature a trolley strap, smart internal and external pockets and more practical features that improve the carrying experience.

We’re excited to have started working with a new material: A heavy nylon canvas fabric made with recycled fibers. Heavy woven nylon fabrics, like the one we’ve chosen, are technical fabrics, more often used for protective wear and industrial applications, than for fashion accessories.

Carl Friedrik materials

The heavy canvas fabric, combined with our smooth Vachetta leather and somewhat brutalist, gun-metal zippers, gives the collection an understated elegance and a slightly industrial aesthetic.

A country renowned for excellence in both textile and leather work, Portugal, turned out to have the right skills to realise the collection. We found our partner in Porto, a factory specialised in fabric accessories.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved with this collection, and look forward to hear your thoughts.

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