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Leather watch straps

Give your favourite timepiece an upgrade with one of our elegant leather watch straps.

The Classic Watch Strap Leather watch strap

1.450,00 Kč




The Classic Watch Strap Leather watch strap

2.500,00 Kč 1.450,00 Kč

The Modern Watch Strap Leather watch strap

1.750,00 Kč




The Modern Watch Strap Leather watch strap

2.500,00 Kč 1.750,00 Kč

Lifetime warranty

Because we only use the highest quality leather, we’re able to provide a lifetime guarantee on our watch straps.

100-day trial

Our leather watch straps are effortlessly elegant and feel ultra-comfortable on your wrist. Find out for yourself with the 100-day trial.

Worldwide shipping

We ship accessories to all corners of the globe. And you can expect fast and reliable service.

  • About our leather watch straps

    We produce two handmade leather watch straps. While The Modern perfectly complements contemporary watches, The Classic is best paired with vintage models.

    Every men’s watch strap is lovingly crafted by Tuscan artisans who use only the finest materials, from vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather to premium stainless steel buckles.

    With a wide range of sizes (18mm, 19mm, 20mm and 24mm) and understated colours available, it’s easy to find the right watch band for your valued timepiece. 

  • Personalisation

    A watch is typically one of the most personal and exclusive items that we own.

    But if you’re looking for an added degree of exclusivity, then why not monogram your initials onto the front or back of your watch strap for a small additional fee.

  • Apple watch compatibility

    Both of our luxury watch straps are compatible with the Apple Watch. Size 24mm in either style pairs with a 42-44m Apple Watch.

    You will, however, need to buy a suitable adapter to use our leather Apple Watch bands. If you require assistance with this, please contact us via email.