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The Key Organiser

Store your keys in a silent, elegant and functional package with The Key Organiser.

A leather key holder that is designed to solve small but nagging everyday problems.

Key organiser hero

The Key Organiser collection

Available in three leather colours, two metal finishes and a variety of personalisation options.

Goodbye ugly, rattly keychains.

Hello organised leather key case.

Transform your rattly keychain into a beautiful, smart and organised accessory.

Your keys will stay in place when not in use, and slide out smoothly and quietly when you need them.

The leather Key Organiser prevents keys from scratching phones and other items in your pocket.

Benefits of The Key Organiser

Holds 2-6 keys

Protects from scratches

Completely silent keys

Natural Vachetta leather

Solid brass hardware

Mechanics of The Leather Key Organiser

Key organiser feature details

Solid brass screw



Moulded to

Most of us carry keys every day without realising what a rattly, scratching mess they can be. It’s time that we carry our keys smarter.

Mattis Oppermann, Co-founder & Lead designer